This is what I’m looking forward to. Yippee!

It’s 7am in the morning. Tuesday morning. Gotta drive my kids to school, one drop off in Manhattan, one drop off in Brooklyn. That’s like approximately 2 hrs. I recently discontinued my subscription to satellite radio just because it’s a recession and I got kids and shit. My question of the day though, is why in the fuck is Big Boy STILL representing urban radio on New York City’s “premier Hip Hop” station Hot 97? I’m not even riding on the fact he that he and his country ass do not belong anywhere near a New York oriented morning show. I’m saying this man does not belong anywhere near any types of RADIO formatted programming. Period.

I guess I’m about to get real caught up on current events as it’s looking like news radio all morning. 1010 most definitely wins. This shit right here ain’t right, and listeners here and wherever else who’s subjected to listening to his coonin’ antics daily deserve better.

Might just have to man up and do something about this problem. Yes I can. Yes I will.


7 Responses to “Why?”

  1. dronkmunk Says:

    Damn, I hear what you saying but I wanna know how he lost all that weight. I need to get like him (no Kirk Lazarus)

  2. Reggie Says:

    ^ Gastric bypass surgery.

  3. A-King Says:

    The end is near for that shit.

  4. 40 Says:

    *gets popcorn*

  5. fredMS Says:

    the thing is im sure you can get some washed up rapper from the 90’s to come host and he’d do a much better job. im sure mic geronimo’s not doing anything.

  6. chief racka Says:

    yes, my dude… dead that shit.

  7. Marvelous Mo Says:

    🙂 yes we will!

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