Byron Crawford vs. Elliot Wilson

I guess Byron fired the first shot. Between this, Curtis vs. Boss Ross and Hov declaring jihad on C. Breezy, there’s like, way too much beef in the air.

But cot-damn, I am entertained and loving it!


7 Responses to “Byron Crawford vs. Elliot Wilson”

  1. blackneck Says:

    I can’t tell if he’s high or “special”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yeah that was a bad look for YN. He just needed to keep it movin. Was Byron’s comments that big of a deal? I don’t think so.

  3. Combat Jack Says:

    I think b/c YN was as of just so recent ago, Byron’s boss at ANYTHING sideways gotta hurt. Especially on a public forum like the internets!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    YN lost, on the basis of showing his sensitive side. Isn’t he supposed to be carrying himself like someone who *might* be considered for some big leadership/management position someday.

    And why is he always speaking on his wifey? I rarely talk about mine, lol! (high hat).


  5. Hiphop Says:

    Is he wearing braces?

  6. jesse Says:

    What a fuckin clown. The only words outta this fags mouth are “fuckboy” n “cocksucker?!? This dude obviously has a crush on Bol. (——–) And he does appear to be mildly retarded at best.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone that’s out in the public eye is open for criticism. Why can’t he understand that as old as YN is? These magazine heads make a living talking about others. Then wanna turn around and get butt hurt? You got a job to do, keep doing it and forget the other shit unless they’re talkin about family. Then it’s no holds barred. And yeah it seemed strange to watch a dude in his late 30’s say “fuck boy” 50 times in one minute.

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