“I Have Less Compassion Than The Average Human”

In the ongoing beef/saga between 5o and Rick Ross, 50 fires another salvo at DJ Khaled. And possibly his moms. Looks like some cousins, nephews and nieces as well. Curtis Jackson, you have gone too far. A psychic told me you will have a restraining order served upon you shortly.

Did Khaled actually get his tires stabbed up?


8 Responses to ““I Have Less Compassion Than The Average Human””

  1. Doxx Says:

    That shit is wild. 50 goes all out I guess.

    Sidenote: Thanks for the linkage CJ! I added you to my site as well.

  2. mxdprodigy Says:

    Hahaha. This is entertainment at its finest! Well at least 50 pushes the Miami squad to retaliate or lose face.


  3. Grendel Says:

    What face? 50 won…and I ain’t even on him like that.

  4. 40 Says:

    Dude I hate Curtis… But I gotta take my hat off to him and how he’s deconstructing this whole movement… I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s making arrangements to pick up Freeway Rick when he gets sprung from the pokey this year on some rah-rah. LOL.

    “This guy is a stuntmaster!” – Kenneth McGriff on Curtis Jackson.

  5. Greg Says:

    50 is so wrong for this video. What’s it showing his fans? It’s okay to go after someone’s mom? Come on, this is totally over the line.

    …. the wig video however, was HILARIOUS.

  6. B-Double Says:

    Yeah, but by posting this video we know 50 and crew will NEVER go after his moms. It would make quite a good piece of widely distributed electronic evidence.

    He should stick to clowning Officer Rick, though. Better look.

  7. Mr. Hater Says:

    Maybe if he put this kind of energy into his “music” he could make a halfway decent song… actually, on second thought, probably not.

  8. chief racka Says:

    rofl @ mr hater… true

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