Watchmen Alert

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I know a lot of ya’ll just ain’t into this geek, comic booky shit, but really, after viewing this clip, are you not yet entertained?


5 Responses to “Watchmen Alert”

  1. Grendel Says:

    Early reviews for this are pretty bangin’. But really, that clip just pisses on the legacy of Watchmen.

  2. dronkmunk Says:

  3. B-Double Says:

    I am just starting to understand the depth of the commitment fans are to Watchmen. I never read the graphic novel, but I will definitely see the movie.

    Keep in mind, even the director himself says its not a movie version of the series. As he said: “A 3-hour Watchmen graphic novel will never be made into a film.” Hard to take a graphic novel and speed it up to 24 frames a second.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I dont know any of these characters thats why i cant get excited for it like batman or spiderman. I think it will have a big first weekend.

  5. Combat Jack Says:

    ^ What makes Watchmen a classic is that no one know any of these characters until you read the book, or, in this instance, see the movie. It’s a one story one off.

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