UPDATE: Pu~ = The New FAIL

I just had a conversation with the homie Dallas about PIYUSH being the new FAIL. Dude suggested that the reason FAIL works so well is because in reading it, it’s so short, only four letters, and because PIYUSH has six letters, it might be better if it were shorthened to PU~!. I’m still laughing at how, when you look at it, PU~ looks like it sounds like PIYUSH!!! Ah man, this shit is so funny. I’m still open to your suggestions, but for now, epic PU~!!!!! is offical.



3 Responses to “UPDATE: Pu~ = The New FAIL”

  1. shelzp Says:

    definitely down with mr jindal being poster child of epic fails everywhere.. pu~ it is.


  2. 40 Says:

    I gotta go with chief racka on this one… Gotta let the evolution evolve…

    PS – Isn’t PI~ more phonetically flavor? You rep the first syllable – PI, followed with that ever so sassy tilda on the YOOSH….

    To go even more futuristic. How about the Greek letter/(today’s) mathematical symbol of PI followed by the tilda?

  3. dp Says:

    Shit catches on by people using it. What is more organic than people using shit in their everyday speak?

    El Gringo and I were writing [ll] for two years before the masses adopted it because… They saw other people doing it.

    I say go in, but then again, I am a leader, most people are trendwatchers and will wait for the rest of the sheeple to get on board.

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