UPDATE: Pu~ = The New FAIL

I just had a conversation with the homie Dallas about PIYUSH being the new FAIL. Dude suggested that the reason FAIL works so well is because in reading it, it’s so short, only four letters, and because PIYUSH has six letters, it might be better if it were shorthened to PU~!. I’m still laughing at how, when you look at it, PU~ looks like it sounds like PIYUSH!!! Ah man, this shit is so funny. I’m still open to your suggestions, but for now, epic PU~!!!!! is offical.



3 Responses to “UPDATE: Pu~ = The New FAIL”

  1. chief racka Says:

    That shit is hilarious.. and PU~ does look like it would be prononced Piyush. LOL!
    But I think Piyush needs to catch on first, since PU~ is sorta cryptic. Pause’s evolution to [||] made sense because we see that symbol everywhere.
    I’d say lets let it happen organically, or educate to the fullest.. but whatever.. I’m down with whatever.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Indians think they are white anyway. They hate blacks so im glad Jindal is the new way to say you fucked up.

  3. M Says:

    I was definitely a lil aggy that Sat Night Live was a rerun. I was thinking the G.O.P wasn’t having the massacre that would have been with PU. I mean really the whole thing would have been simple, all they would hve had to do was just replay the clip. Sometimes reality is funnier than fiction.

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