Tina Davis. Now It Makes More Sense.

The new rumor to this never ending Chrihanna saga is that Tina Davis, Chris Brown’s manager, allegedly had an affair with C. Breezy when dude was the tender age of 16. TMZ goes so far as to claim that as the “other woman”, a three page text from Davis to Brown on the evening of the Grammy’s set Rihanna off to the point where she ended up smacking, slapping and going buckwild on Brown, resulting in Brown “Chris Browning” Rihanna. Got that?

I know Tina. I met her back in the late ’90’s when she was a power exec at Def Jam. Even worked with her briefly. The pictures and clips don’t really show how fine she is. Focused, strong willed, determined, beautiful chocolate skinted sister. Last time I saw her was at the MTV Music Awards down in Miami, like 4 years ago. She actually introduced Chris to me and wifey as her new artist. Before he blew up. He was hella smiles, so I’m guessing he was blowing her backs out. She turns 40 this month. Older women everywhere are realizing that tapping into that fountain of youth is a great thing. Gotta start going back to yoga, just to get limberer and fresher looking, especially since wifey’s been really stank to me of late. Hope she’s not “Tina Davising” me.

Kinda mad that older chicks didn’t take unlawful advantage of me when I was 16. I had mad youth to share back then. Kinda jealous at Chris as well. Hittin Tina AND Ri Ri? Effin light skinted kneegrow. Like I tell my kids, “life’s not fair”! My advice to my younger readers, get that whilst you can yung dunny’s. Let them older broads take all that unlawful advantage out on you. But keep that on the low though.


17 Responses to “Tina Davis. Now It Makes More Sense.”

  1. A-King Says:

    She was scouting for younger dudes. I’m convinced. To get a meeting, you’d have to manage a 16 yr old or be 16. Props to Chris Brown!

  2. Combat Jack Says:

    ^I should’a told her I was 14.

  3. dronkmunk Says:

    He certainly has a type don’t he?

  4. chief racka Says:

    You know what though… when I was 16, I don’t remember many 40-year-olds looking like Tina Daviseses.

  5. Combat Jack Says:

    ^ Me either.

  6. ZEEZUZ Says:

    Thas cuz theres a lot of homoz on here. ZEEZUZ was baggin olda broadz for years and im only 24. My first olda chik waz 28 when i waz 15. She waz workin at CVS in Orlando in the pharmazy and i used to go see her once a week to pk up medz for my grandad. She waz a horny ole ecuadorean slice with one of thoze big boxy azzes, she waz into rap and asked me to make her a mixtape. i told her i would do it for free if she would buy me a bottle of henny. She waz down and i told her to come to my houze on a sat afternoon, when my momz was gone. grandad is off the rocka so he dont know watz up. The chica came over with the henny, dressed in tight k-mart white jeans and red vinyl pumps, t-shirt with no bra. when i seen dem big ole nipplez poppin thru her shirt, i knew she waz gonna get more than a dam mixtape. I put the tape on, it waz like trick daddy shit, and trina booty music. she made some drinks wit the henny and it waz on. I didnt have my own room at the time soz i had to bag her in the kitchen while my grandad was in the livin room watchin tv. she made so much noize, He was like keep it down kidz, why dont u play outside! after that i waz popin her on a regular for like the whole summer, waz posting at her crib for a minnt too with her family, I even bagged her lil sis who waz 18 like on some jerry springer shit. Now Zeezuz bags only dimez wit money Jack!

  7. Combat Jack Says:

    ^Uhm. Good for you ZEEZUZ.

  8. Piv Says:

    lmao at ZEEZUZ, that shit should be a film!

  9. alicia banks Says:

    thanks for the info!

    i love your blog…

    alicia banks

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Molestation is never cute…

  11. geico lizard Says:

    Hope she’s not “Tina Davising” me.
    Stay open minded CJ so you wont get blindsided. Some guys think their woman can never cheat and they end up catching a disease or raising another mans baby. Jazmine Sullivan has a new song letting people know women can cheat on good men.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    She looks alright.. I mean .. but come’on..I guess he had to do it .. to keep his money in order… no?

  13. Dallas Says:

    Older women been on my radar since I been getting that stank-a-lank. And they been the first to show me the things that I use to turn a young ho face inside out.

    True story is that back in 1998 when the Brooklyn Museum of Art popped off their 1st Saturdays I used to go to that bitch and preen for them older 35+ broads. Now 12 years later, the 35 yr old broad is younger than me.

  14. Butzi Says:

    at least she has those heavy, slightly saggin’ , 40something women big ole titties … I guess this sis some weired fetish of mine…

  15. the r Says:

    she looks like usher…or usher’s mom

  16. bigshorty Says:

    “Effin’ light skinted kneegrow” LOL

  17. bigshorty Says:

    “Effin’ light skinted kneegrow” LOL

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