Tina Davis. Now It Makes More Sense.

The new rumor to this never ending Chrihanna saga is that Tina Davis, Chris Brown’s manager, allegedly had an affair with C. Breezy when dude was the tender age of 16. TMZ goes so far as to claim that as the “other woman”, a three page text from Davis to Brown on the evening of the Grammy’s set Rihanna off to the point where she ended up smacking, slapping and going buckwild on Brown, resulting in Brown “Chris Browning” Rihanna. Got that?

I know Tina. I met her back in the late ’90’s when she was a power exec at Def Jam. Even worked with her briefly. The pictures and clips don’t really show how fine she is. Focused, strong willed, determined, beautiful chocolate skinted sister. Last time I saw her was at the MTV Music Awards down in Miami, like 4 years ago. She actually introduced Chris to me and wifey as her new artist. Before he blew up. He was hella smiles, so I’m guessing he was blowing her backs out. She turns 40 this month. Older women everywhere are realizing that tapping into that fountain of youth is a great thing. Gotta start going back to yoga, just to get limberer and fresher looking, especially since wifey’s been really stank to me of late. Hope she’s not “Tina Davising” me.

Kinda mad that older chicks didn’t take unlawful advantage of me when I was 16. I had mad youth to share back then. Kinda jealous at Chris as well. Hittin Tina AND Ri Ri? Effin light skinted kneegrow. Like I tell my kids, “life’s not fair”! My advice to my younger readers, get that whilst you can yung dunny’s. Let them older broads take all that unlawful advantage out on you. But keep that on the low though.


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