Pure Hilarity!!!

Like you, I’m kinda tired of the whole 50 Cent “Pimpin’ Curly” saga, so I’ve been skipping past the most recent ones, other than the xxx-tra special NSFW piece that featured on boobootv.com
last week.

However, the homie Lamonte Ball twittered me today, sending me the most recent episode “Pimpin’ Curly Gets High” featuring one of his artists on the come up, Cashus C.R.E.A.M. I listened to a coupla Cashus’ mixtapes a coupla months ago and dude is mad talented. HOWEVER, his cameo in this piece, which starts around the 7:40 mark is HILARIOUS! If he keeps up with shit like this, Cashus C.R.E.AM. most def got a future in entertainment.

I know this ep here is rather long, clocking in at 15:44, but trust, this one is straight shits and giggles, well worth your viewing time.

50 stay winning.

Courtesy of Cashus C.R.E.A.M.


6 Responses to “Pure Hilarity!!!”

  1. billy x sunday Says:

    fuck first sayers

  2. seersucker #1 (aka war on ignorance) Says:

    he slapped the shit out that nigga…and fuckin ran!


  3. Combat Jack Says:

    My boy updated me and told me that the dude who got slapped was actually a stunt man. 50 really is an effin professional!

  4. geico lizard Says:

    Another thing about this video is 50 looks like he is in the hood. Fat Joe and RR keep saying 50 is too scared to go back to the hood. Does anyone here recognize the area 50 shot this in? Im in tennessee so Im just guessing about the location.

  5. chief racka Says:

    LOL @ all of 50’s characters sounding exactly the same.

  6. moses Says:

    Cashus C.R.E.A.M.? Really? Yo, I swear I thought you were joking until I went to the dude’s site. Eminem has an artist called Cashis and assuming he’s still signed to Shady, there seems to be a conflict here. The “rights” to a name is something that rappers actually beefed about before beef became “beef”, if you catch my drift.

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