"I Competed With Them Just To Keep The Culture Active"

50 cent talks about his ongoing feud with Rick Ross (Big Boys Neighborhood Exclusive) from qdeezy on Vimeo.

Even when he’s serious, he’s funny.


8 Responses to “"I Competed With Them Just To Keep The Culture Active"”

  1. moses Says:

    I love 50. I love what he brings to the table. He brought back that tough, take-on-all-comers[!!] attitude that was severely lacking in hip hop after ‘Pac was killed. “Lyrics” snobs say he can’t rap well, but hip hop is bigger than just rap. That “who’s your top five/ten dead or alive” shit is annoying as hell. Who the fuck cares?

  2. geico lizard Says:

    I dont always listen to his songs but I never miss his interviews.

  3. El Gringo Colombiano Says:

    50 is a WWE wrestling-type shyt talker, not a earnest rap artist.

    Real rap artists like The Roots or Tribe or OutKast “compete” by continuously dropping dope albums.

    Nas is maddeningly inconsistent due to his meh beats disease, but his classic album Illmatic “out competes” 50’s entire life by a factor of infinity.

  4. 40 Says:

    I’m entertained… Truly entertained. He said it well “How can someone with so many holes in their background do that?” I’d love to see Officer Ricky delivering diabetic supplies to Wilford Brimley’s crib in Florida…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Come on, it’s only okay if it’s original and backed by some good music…

    He makes shitty music… he should concentrate on that…

  6. timmo Says:

    aw 40 I so thought a comment about 50 getting shot was going to follow the “How can someone with so many holes in their background do that?” comment.

  7. Marvelous Mo Says:

    “You got all those holes back there and you still making the moves first?” *dead*

  8. 40 Says:


    PU~ FAIL on my part for not slamming home such an easy set up of a joke.

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