"In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night…"

Dunno if you’re up on the recent string of animated straight to DVD/ blu-ray hits DC has been dropping. With dope titles like “Batman: Gotham Knight”, “Justice League – New Frontier”, “Superman – Doomsday” and “Wonder Woman” their next heat rock “Green Lantern – First Flight” is looking good. Plus they landed a PG-13 rating to bring some gully to the party.

Over the past 10 – 15 years, Green Lantern has become one of my favorites. Might have to cop.


7 Responses to “"In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night…"”

  1. Boothe Says:

    Shout out to John Stewart, who’s dope and does this thang, but I grew up on Hal Jordan, so i’m excited about this.

  2. Combat Jack Says:

    Not mad at this, especially since John Stewart got mad burn on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

  3. the r Says:

    the doomsday one was fire…lex shoots his assistant in the head, doomsday kills a deer and lots of people, crazy innuendo too, i fully support this

  4. Theo Martins Says:

    Green Lantern & Spiderman are the greatest.

  5. that dude Says:

    Okay, after more people know John Stewart is Green Lantern because of the animated series, they literally dig up the white boy and prop him up again because they want to do a movie now? Fucked up.

  6. Richard Says:

    i was staring @ these @ Pathmark. Wonder Woman was the gulliest. heads getting sliced off.

  7. Kobi Says:

    The Wonder Woman flick and Hulk Vs. Wolverine set new levels for animated DC/Marvel gulliness.Interested to see how this turns out, just in time for ‘The Blackest Night’ as well…

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