Dollar Van Demos


Now that your boy is coming up on his Internets Celebrity status, I’m getting emails from all types of people asking me to play their songs, showcase their blogs and such. I was going over some of them and checked one I received a couple of days ago from this outfit called Dollar Van Demos. Dollar Van Demos have an incredibly unique concept, take up and coming artists, pack ’em in one of Brooklyn’s notorious dollar vans along with camera crew, actual drivers and passengers and shoot real demo videos. EFFIN GENIUS. They even have a channel up on YouTube. Like you can expect from demos, few of the artists featured are superstars, but the execution of some of the videos are funny, campy, surreal, and in some instances show potential. Most of all, they’re entertaining, particularly when you catch the expressions of the passengers.

I dunno where these local cats are going with this, but their hustle most definitely caught my eye. Check ’em out and see what I’m talking about. Most definitely beats actually having to listen to demos and unknown artist’s “mixtapes”. Word to Dave Chappele.


5 Responses to “Dollar Van Demos”

  1. Grendel Says:

    So it’s kinda like the Bang Bus?

  2. Combat Jack Says:

    ^ I guess, but with rappas and sangas.

  3. Abe Beame Says:

    I used to work with this kid who was so East New York he’d hop out on the fuckin dollar van.

  4. a-one Says:

    lol those people are like “i just wanted a ride”

  5. Stratford Lex Says:

    hehe Bangbus

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