Combat Jack vs. Mythbusters

A lot of ya’ll have been requesting that I write a book of some sort or another. I actually did write one a couple of years ago, “Bling, The Hip Hop Jewelry Book”. My publisher is Bloomsbury, the same publisher that owns the worldwide rights to the Harry Potter franchise. Yes. I roll with Harry. It’s really good. The same quality of shit that I bring here to you on Today’s Mathematics. If you’re so inclined, cop it here. Thanks.

I say all this because when we dropped the book, me and my co-author Gabe Tolliver put together a lil’ promo video and uploaded it on to youtube. The promo covered a topic from the book addressing the possibility of making diamonds in a microwave from charcoal and with peanut butter and lighter fluid. Really. Funny and informative, the video garnered a lot of hits. It eventually landed in the hands of one of the producers of that Mythbusters show that airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. They liked our video, licensed it from us and decided to challenge our infamous diamond making technique. The episode will be airing tonite, 9pm ET/PT and midnight.

I haven’t yet seen what they came up with. Peep it 2nite.

I’m hoping they didn’t play us.


11 Responses to “Combat Jack vs. Mythbusters”

  1. Robbie Says:

    The Mythbuster who rocks a beret and a chef’s jacket look like an effin’ douchebag.

  2. ian Says:

    Nice one, Reggie! If I had cable I would watch it!

  3. Boothe Says:

    “fresh diamonds in the microwaaave”


  4. A-King Says:

    Sadly, I assure you there have been many attempts at making some bling using this method.

  5. Keith Says:

    Love the recipe! The diamonds even come out already cut- removing the middleman!

  6. 40 Says:

    Say word. I fux with Mythbusters… Well played, CJ. Well played.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    YO!!! you dudes are clowns!! lol, Hilarious though!!!

  8. a-one Says:

    lololol that was YOU? lololol. i showed that video in a presentation before

  9. geico lizard Says:

    Congrats on getting on tv like that CJ. I havent seen the episode but I hope it involves that redhead wearing bikini doing the experiment.

  10. geico lizard Says:

    They didnt play you to bad except they called you “internet hipsters”. I fell asleep near the end but they were failing making diamonds until they went to some lab in new mexico or arizona. They redhead did your microwave experiment but she was fully clothed unfortunately.

  11. Smear Says:

    that’s your book jack? I always thought that was a dope publication…. for insight into ghost an slick rick’s shine alone…. But imma have to grab that ( purchase it even) knowin you behind it… my ol lady loved it ( she like shiny stuff)

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