Iron Man: Armored Adventures

I missed this last Friday, 7pm on Nicktoons. Not too keen on the yung Tony Stark, but heard and read it was dope. Did anyone see it?


4 Responses to “Iron Man: Armored Adventures”

  1. Larajihna Says:

    Yeah that looks pretty cool. I like the near cell shaded animation. Will have to watch.

  2. Stratford Lex Says:

    Not sure that clip made any kinda sense but i like the animation. reminded me i still havent seen the dark knight. Fuck my job

  3. Boothe Says:

    Oh man, I remember when they did the Iron Yout ting in the comic book.

    Those were some sorry ass days in The Avengers Universe.

  4. Boothe Says:

    I should also add, the art style and animation here is dope.


    I know they’re trying to stay away from the Fu Manchu stereotype, but Mandarin is looking kinda dumb in this series.

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