What’s better than good Hip Hop + Comic books?

I called my brother from another borough Dallas Penn this weekend to see what was popping off since I was playing Mr. Dad with my four kids. He told me he had just taken a “deuce” at Bloomingdale’s while in the midst of shooting a DOOM video. I quickly changed the subject since his poop fixation is not at all amusing to me. I assumed he was palling around with the artist DOOM, and even asked if he caught a glimpse of dude with his mask off. Heh. Little did I know he was working on this.


I am so jealous right now.


6 Responses to “DOOM!”

  1. Killerchris2k8 Says:

    yo DP is sick. Can you tell him to please come back to twitter.

  2. Nordy Says:

    The video really captures the asthetic of DOOM’s live performances. Just like a DOOM show, you get to see the mask covering someone/soemthing that’s decidedly NOT Daniel Dumile. Said person/thing just stands there mechanically as DOOM’s music plays in the background.

  3. DP Says:

    I was literally on the terlet when you called me. You thought I was bullshitting, but I was just shitting.

    DOOM album is sick fire.

  4. chief racka Says:

    Saw DOOM at the NYC Nokia Theate a couple years back -aight show that got better as the drinks kept coming. He wasn’t Big Daddy Kane but he certainly was D. Dumile. raw lyrics
    I never understood why he’d get someone else to jump on stage for him- I could understand if he double-booked and wanted to get paid by two places at once… but unless he was too incapacitated to perform -the bs ain’t worth it.

  5. dronkmunk Says:

    This is not the official shit though, right? Nice effort by Dp though.

  6. Che Guerrilla Says:

    Maaaaan Effff DP & his meeting!

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