Clipse Ain’t Lie

I’m not a fan of the whole drug rap genre thingie. Maybe it’s because I’m not too into the systemic destruction of a darker peoples. Or could be that 99.9% of these cats rapping it ain’t never did it like how they say they did. Clipse, I been effin with them since their debut album “Lord Willin'”. Not that I did or didn’t believe all their drug cartel talk, I just fux with them on account of how they always put out quality music, how they really really rap that good and how they keep that sense of urgency in their tone.

Did you hear that Clipse manager Anthony Gonzalez was just charged with leading a 10 million dollar drug ring? They even have an unnamed police officer listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ring. 10 million dollars and cops? The indictment says “the operation has distributed more than a ton of marijuana and more than 100 pounds of cocaine since 2003”. How the hell does one move a TON of marijuana and 100 pounds of cocaine and still have time to manage one of the best rap duos out today? Good Lord and Sweet baby Jesus! Not admiring or giving dude props, but tell me that’s not gully.

The drug ring was allegedly run out of a Virginia club, Encore Lounge, the very same club that the Clipse are known to mention in some of their songs. It’s even stated that Gonzalez bought the Encore Lounge “in November 2007 from an unidentified co-conspirator for 40 pounds of marijuana and about $80,000 in drug proceeds. The club closed earlier this year after more than 100 incidents of violence, shootings, drug dealing and disorderly conduct.” According to, “to date, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez remains at large. At press time, the Clipse could not be reached for comment.” I bet.

I know this is morally wrong, but the Clipse stock just went way the eff up in my book. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping the brothers Thornton don’t get entangled in all of this legal fuckery, only because now I’m really waiting for their third album “Till The Casket Drops” to drop later this year. In this rap game, street cred is worth way more than good credit.

By the way, their latest song, “Kinda Like A Big Deal” featuring Kanye West is some kind of fuego.


25 Responses to “Clipse Ain’t Lie”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the clipse is the truth! not saying that they really slang as much dope as they claim.. but their wordplay is unparralleled in LCD rap.. and their beats are fire

  2. WestIndianArchie Says:

    If you don’t cut for drug raps, why would the Clipse’s stock go up in your book if their manager is actually involved in the drug game?

    Not that you have to be consistent….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Clipse is the truth….whether they was slangin like they rap or not….you cant make that stuff up and sound as authentic as they do! Ross I knew was a fraud…not only being from miami, but the stuff he was rapping….you gotta be like yeah right! Peeps knew about Clipse before albums dropped. Thats whats up!

  4. geico lizard Says:

    I thought they were liars but I still liked their music. Now I know whats up and im scared,lmfao.

  5. BabyDoll Says:

    VA! ALL DAY!

  6. P-Matik Says:

    You are right. The Clipse is actual quality hiphop, even if they kick drug rhymes all day. They at least have a heavy skillset with it.

    I’m from Hampton Roads and this doesn’t shock me a bit. Dudes get it in down there.

  7. FarouqFux Says:

    Word Life Its wrong on so many levels but I think I like them more now.


    Im kinda like a big deal

  8. Smear Says:

    “From yay tall I was MJG with the 8ball”
    “I guess i caught a brick according to soundscan/ the critical acclaim was that of a proud a man/ prepare for the worst that blood’s on Jive’s hands/see when the Fury dropped so did 80,000 grams/ add that to my 80 thousand fans……….”
    I’ve always thought the brothers Thornton were dope irrespective of the true depth of their street pedigree (unlike Rawse, dudes don’t come off as 1-d dealer cartoon caricatures, they rhyme with such intricate introspection shit is impeccable) So right or wrong, This shit just make’s their bars all that much COLDER on listenin.

  9. Smear Says:

    They consistently dismember other artist’s instrumentals like noone else….. Cot Dammmn!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    OK my cousin sold a key and hour so I guess that I must have been involved. I am sick of dope dealer hiphop but the game is so over that I still like cats that rhyme even if they lie kinda like Rick Ross. Why waste all that talent on such nonsense. They hear a beat and the only way they can make a song is to filter their view of the world through the lense of a dealer. Need I remind you that real dealers don’t need record deals, and real dealers would not rhyme about their business, and they have been making music at this level for close to 10 years. Come on!

  11. Grand Master - 108 Tongues, Bustout! Family Says:

    “I’m not a fan of your coke rap genre/ Put it in the pot, it comes back like karma”

    ^ can’t say it no better.

  12. KinGRex Says:

    Rappers is talking to me as if/We in the same boat I tell them quick no I move Coke!/And you and I don’t share no common bond/So forgive me if I don’t recieve you with open arms/It shames me to no end/To feed poison to those who could very well be my kin/But where there’s demand, someone will supply/So I feed them their needs at the same time cry
    Yes it pains me to see them need this/All of them lost souls and I’m their Jesus

    Clipse go hard as hell. Hope they make it out unscathed.

  13. Smear Says:

    KingRex yep, that righ there is what seperates them from all the other “coke rappers”. INSIGHT.

  14. Smear Says:

    really hope they don’t get caught up in any of this bullshit….cos that album is one of the few I’m really lookin forward to. Yep ALBUM….remember when artits actually focused on constructing cohesive works? Clipse are one of the few remaining to give the format its due respect.

  15. 40 Says:

    “Fuck the Bureau, rather be spending Euros, get fed grapes, and fuck hoes in plural…”

    I fux with The Clipse… Since that horn driven “The Funeral” which was their first single…

    That record was sickness.

  16. McFly Says:

    Dope writeup…keep doing your thang playa

  17. Ty Says:

    I wonder if dude had any connections to the BMF…

  18. Scott Says:

    Their first album was Exclusive Audio Footage.

  19. Incilin Says:

    I’m very curious to see what street cred is actually worth. Ross is headed to a big week, and he has NO street cred. Clipse now has unlimited street cred, but will they sell anything? They always had good street cred, and had one of the best albums of the decade with Hell Hath, but they didn’t sell much.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    NO BMF ties
    it is what it is down here
    The album is definitely on the way
    we're praying for GEEZY, RATT KING, LIL WILLIE, JOHN JOHN, SHAWN, BUCK, JOE CHERRY, BRUCE BABBI, and everyone else who has the FEDS on their heels in the 757( the only relevant part of VA) or had the FEDS at their door

    spoke with MALICE today, and he put it best, indictments are only INK & PAPER

  21. Grendel Says:

    Cred aside, for me Clipse always bring quality mic skills and music – THAT’S what counts. Otherwise I’d be bumpin C-Murder joints on the regular (I’m not).

    The only thing is, with their next album, if the Neptunes are stepping back from boards duties, we still need some next level beats to spur these guys on. What I’ve heard from Kanye doesn’t cut it so far….

  22. dp Says:

    Clipse can rhyme but second to Jay-Z they are the most downloaded rap act of all time. I don’t believe the drug talk because I know what it takes to make dope rhymes. It takes dope minds more than dope lines, I meant lines of dope fiends.

    Good for the Clipse that they are getting some buzz. Check out these unindicted drugpushers this summer on tour with Asher Roth and N.E.R.D.

    That is, when they aren’t cooking up the rocks in the kitchen. Ha.

  23. SilkCityP Says:


  24. dp Says:

    SilkCityP don’t know shit about VA. Them niggas is shooters all over. Why you think they named a town Lynchburg? And don’t ever sleep on Petersburg. SilkCityP might be wearing too much silk to know what the hell is really real.

  25. R.E.D. Inc. Says:

    You are correct about the street cred going through the roof. The most I’ve ever heard in regard to rappers being affiliated with big drug rings are Jeezy/BMF and others who reach out to those guys (Ja Rule/Supreme or Rick Ross/Boobie Boys). When your manager is moving weight like that its a given that you getting money off of it in some way.

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