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Crispus Attucks Week: No Cage Fighting

March 3, 2009

See how the entire crowd is filled with white, screaming and shouting for blood? Not a good look for the light-skinted fellow jumping, hopping around like a lil dread locked Leprchaun

We all know how white LOVES to cage fight. White loves that shit so much that cage fights (along with all types of wrestling) are viewed as fun wholesome entertainment for the entire family. So much so even that cage fight events make for the perfect opportunity to take out the wife, kids, babies, grandma and dog included. Like a picnic even. Black and cage fights? Not so much. Not saying that Black ain’t brawlic, but genetically, we aren’t built for that type of sport. As the poor Black fellow in the above footage so clearly demonstrates, Black has no effin business whatsoever entering into any types of cage, especially when the word “fight” is somehow attached or connected to it. I’m guessing dudes’ crew, consisting mainly of white, gassed him to step in the ring on account of him being all limber and shiny because of his capoeira skills. Not a good look. In celebration of Crispus Attucks week, whenever one of your white homies steps to you with the “Dude, the World Extreme Cage Fighting championships are in town!!! Me and the boys been watching you on the ball court and think you’d be perfect as a contender. Let’s fucking get to it bro!!!” lingo, kindly reply, “Thanks Josh, but no thanks, I’m already locked in with my brother Jamel and his friends to attend the local ghetto strip club, solely for the purpose of throwing hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money into the air, at scantily clad women, just on GP and in order to look cool.” In other words, just say no.