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Like, Totally Awesome Cam!!!

February 24, 2009

Pretty lol!


Happy Born Day Cameron Giles

February 4, 2009

Other than the current ethering of Rick Ross by 5o Cent (50 is the KING of beef), the internets and airwaves are currently aflame with news of Killla Cam’s imminent return. No stan shit, but I’m truly amazed at how very few cats out here today remember that when dude dropped his first album “Confessions Of Fire” back in 1998, niggas everywhere admired Mr. Giles primarily because of his skills as a wordsmith. It’s rumored even, that the G.O.A.T. Christopher Wallace, upon the first time hearing him spit, envisioned Cam to one day ascend to the throne as King Of New York. Really. In 2000, as Untertainment, the label he was signed to, was crumbling around him, one of my former clients Self, was hired to produce the song “That’s Me” on his second album “S.D.E.”. Self and I met Cam in Sony studios one day and what impressed me most was Cam’s work ethic, homie knew what it took to go beyond just surviving in the jungle of the music industry. He stayed holed up in that studio for months, not leaving until that album was done. Seems like he knew full well that that might be his last shot for glory. Especially since Cam knew how badly he was getting raped by his label, owned by Lance “Un” Rivera, who landed the label deal solely for the fact that he was Lil’ Kim and Junior Mafia’s manager.

Ya’ll know the rest of the story, how he and his Dip Set goons came in outta nowhere like rabid banditos and took over the Roc from under the feet of it’s internally feuding parents Dame and Jay, how he contributed greatly to the significant dumbing down of the rap art-form and helped to usher in as well as embrace this new age of hip hop ignorance, how he picked two unbeatable beefs with giants Jay and 50, how he bodied himself with his appearance on 60 minutes and the ubiquitous youtube clip of him shit talking at Curtis, looking all anemic in his boxer drawls by his paltry pool, how he allowed the crew he built brick by brick, The Diplomats to crumble with his “Capo” assuming boss status in his absence.

Still and all, in his absence, seems like some of realize how essential dude’s place was in this hip hop circus. Even with all that “computer putin” nonsense, I secretly hoped dude would win. So in celebration of his born day today, and to welcome him back into the fold, CJ is most def riding with Killa this season.