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Suge Knight, I’m Looking For You!!!

February 17, 2009

Ya’ll might have already heard about Suge Knight getting knocked the fuck out again this weekend at a private party in the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, during the All-Star weekend festivities. Damn. This is like the 2nd time dude got flattened within nine months. Shit is looking so bad for Suge that the first dude that knocked him out is feeling sorry for him and has even offered his services as Mr. Knight’s security.

I clearly remember the days a few years back, when Suge had EVERYONE shook. Shit was so bad that whenever he came to New York, dudes was ducking him all types of way. Back when Tupac was alive, he even issued a severe beat down to one of my boys, just for being associated with Diddy, B.I.G. and the Bad Boy set. I’m really feeling a kind’a a ways right about now. Not because he’s getting his ass kicked all up and down every function he attends. (I happened to be staying at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami a few years back when the big homie accidentally shot hisself in the leg during the MTV Awards). I’m kinda pissed off because I never knew what kind of a bitch Suge Knight was in the first place. Yeah, I know some of ya’lls out there must be muttering “You talking all that sideways shit now CJ, where the eff was you when he was knocking down the buildings in New York?” Real talk? I was hiding. And so was you. But shit, if this dude is gonna go down every time he get’s tapped in the jaw, I WANT IN!!!

Next time you hear Suge Knight is in town, lemme know cause I wanna kick his ass too! Not that I need that kind of rep, but shit would be mad sweet on my resume right about now. Picture that shit on the blogs yo; “COMBAT JACK KNOCKS SUGE KNIGHT THE EFF OUT!” I’d be getting more hits than the homie Eskay even. I could use them hits right about now too. But only if I’m 3rd though. Not trying to be the 4th or 5th person to drop his fat ass because at that point, shit would be played out and being 4th or 5th in anything don’t ever count. I wanna stand on the podium. Gold, silver and bronze baby!

One question though, who in the fuck keeps inviting Suge Knight to all of these god-damned functions anyway?