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1st Quarter Report (Time For A Commercial Break)

April 2, 2009

A couple of days late, but the 1st quarter of 2009 is in the can. That means I survived my first quarter of blogging on the regular. Yo! This. daily. blogging. shit. is. an. effin. grind. I have a whole new level of respect for you internets soldiers out here in the blogosphere who have been doing this thing consistently and for a while. I am truly amazed and humbled at how my favorite bloggers have been steady getting it in day and night after day and night like clockwork, and I salute you. I’m trusting and hoping that I’m not shitting on this thing of yours, this thing of ours. I respect your blog craft and I’m doing my best in making sure I play my little part in continually raising the bar. Please feel free to check me whenever you feel your boy is reckless blogging and swerving outta control. I welcome your advice and criticisms with open arms. Like, how I don’t/ can’t keep my posts to the standard less than 75o word count minimum rule. For some reason, I’m having a serious problem in keeping my usual avalanche of words from falling out of my dome and onto your computer screen. I’m so sorry for that, so sorry for having you, fellow bloggers and faithful readers in having to read through my long ass pieces almost on a daily basis. Wifey been telling me for years that I talk to much, and now I see what she’s been bitching about. Please be patient as I’ma work extra hard during the next quarter in keeping my shit short, brief and to the point.

But I’m loving it though. Loving the fact that I’m finding my voice. Loving that my 15 years of experience in the music industry is a commodity that I can generously share with you all. Loving that this “old head” can take rusty ass memories, bang them out onto my keyboard and have them coming out sounding so fresh and brand new to the world. Loving that I’m officially down with this movement, that here and now, during this period, me, you and my fellow blog masters are slowly and steadily locking down our rightful place in history. Most important, I’m loving you for coming through my lane on the regular, for supporting Combat Jack and for finding whatever part of this thing that informs you, entertains you and keeps you coming back. Thank you, thank you, and once again thank you. Without you, this blog would be a masterbatory exercise in self gratification and masterbaition blogging don’t really sound like too much fun. [||] on that though.

Going into the 2nd quarter, I hereby vow to continue in the delivery of quality material. I realize that your time is valuable,especially since we are living in an age of information overload. I promise that in you stopping by the Daily Mathematics, you will not have wasted a second of your day. I will keep that promise, and if I feel I can’t live up to my word to you, I will gracefully bow out.

Shout outs to Byron Crawford, p/k/a “Fuck Boy”, [||]. Thanks again for letting a nigga rock with you when I was a lil snot nose. Eskay p/k/a The Big Co-Sign, you see it and already know what it is. To my brother from another borough Dallas Penn, the original Internets Celebrity, put the Mountain Dew down my dude, especially since we about to snatch this paper grandly and by the sacks and I ain’t tryn’a see you lapse into no diabetic coma before we rob the effin bank blind. To my lil sis Marvelous Mo, you got the juice now, time to shoo all them birds from fluttering on your property. To my Favorite White Boy, Robbie, Benhameen and to all the heads listed on the CJ blog fam role, thanks for showing mad love to a knicca. You all have made this that much more enjoyable.

To my wifey and kids, thank you. Daddy ain’t gone crazy, I’m just on a mission. It will be worth it. Trust. To the big homie Fab 5 Freddy, getting the steady twit passes from the Original Renaissance B-Boy is an honor, thank you for that. To my dude Clark Kent, we stay being Brooklyn’s Finest. To Gis, my dude and soldier, you remain a true stand up nigga and I appreciate you for that. Yo, Elliot Wilson, you know who I is so what it do? Thembisa, Dori, thanks for the prep talk and in convincing me that I’m not wasting my time, thank you. Lamonte, you’re too talented, however, the world will catch up to you and soon, watch. A special super thank you to the homie Sha Money XL, you personally blessing my “50 Cent Is Not A Rapper” piece is major, really though. Tell Fif I said whaddup.

To all of my posters, friend and foe, thank you. Your daily messages are like food for the soul. Or is it ego? Plus, some of ya’ll really be leaving some witty, original funny ass comments. That “body that latte” from the lil’ Run’s House kids is classic and will stay being in my vernacular for a long time.

Finally, to the crab ass “Frenemie” who called my house bitching about that same 50 Cent post, screaming all types of lame ass threats in my ear, a major thank you for exposing and for playing yourself “homie”. You stepped way outta line with that move, but I now see the hate flowing in your blood. With all the history I thought we had, I was bigging you up in my posts only because I had mad respect for you. Especially since the world done passed you by and forgot about your very minor contributions to the music game a long effin time ago, sensitive ass nigga. Your name has been removed from all posts and I’ma make sure the world keeps on in forgetting who the eff you are, you little ass man. You stay being forgotten. Run tell that to your lawyers. I’ll be waiting for them right here.

And with all the pomp and circumstance now out of the way, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled program.